Apr 202013

You don’t have to be mad to do this but it helps!!!!!

Today is the amazing event of the Ultra Mallorca.  It is a 117 kilometre race over the mountains,  starting in Andraixt at midnight and taking the runners over the mountain trails to Pollença at the other end of the Tramuntana mountains. The time limit to complete the run is 24 hours.  Watching the first runners go past my shop today was quite breathtaking. The first crossing the line in the main square just under 11 hours, we then had a wait of an hour before the second runner arrived. VERY impressive as they look so fresh at the finish and even as I left at 14:30 only a handful of contestants had crossed the line.

There are two other trails that are shorter and less arduous, however just as impressive.

Here is a link to the Ultra Mallorca web site should you be mad enough to want to take part in 2014.


My congratulations to all of you who take part we are all in awe.



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