Jul 122011

Every summer we are blessed with a series of concerts in July and August, held in the Claustre de Santo Domingo of Pollença.  Here is a link to this years Program of events-


On Saturday I had the pleasure of going to see Jose Mercé a famous Flamenco singer. The guitarist was incredible and the atmosphere built up wonderfully with each song he sang. I know this is an acquired taste in music however it is hard to ignore the mastery of this type of music in the timing and use of both the guitar and the vocal chords of the singer.

Both Jose and his guitarist were completely together on timing a wonderful performance.  At one point Jose walked away from the microphone and sang to the audience from the front of the stage. It was wonderful and a standing ovation was the response.  The applause at the end seemed to go on for an age with everyone on their feet and hoping for more.

Here is a short video I am afraid the sound quality does not do the performance justice but you get the idea.

The official blurb:-

9th July Jose Mercé –  He is an indispensable figure in the summer festivals in Andalucía, as he is the most successful and famous cantaor on the flamenco scene.

Here is a video from Jose himself so you can really hear his heart felt singing and the wonderful guitarist in the quality they deserve.