Dec 122013

All of you know that little Pepa was loved by all who had the luck to meet her. It is with great sadness that I must inform you that she died in September. How can such a little thing leave such a big whole in ones life!!! This was the last photo taken of her only 6 weeks before.


For “Pepa” fans.

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Jul 082012

Pepa a few weeks ago in the shop.

Thank you to Sam who came in to the shop a few weeks ago and took this wonderful photo and then was kind enough to send it to me.

Jan 062010

After my passing Christmas in the UK ( first time for years ) Pepa was pleased to be at home again.  She enjoyed her time with Lady Lu and her menagerie of 3 cats and dear Tia Maria the dog.  Rumour has it she was causing chaos with the Christmas tree and rising to the bait set by the kitten, Bailey I think is the name.  Very pretty and loves to tease Pepa.

I am sure I miss her more than she misses me, yet for the first 2 days together again she was smiling all the time.  What would I do without her.