Saint Antoni – Blessing the animals

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Jan 172013

Sorry no photos for this. I was singing in the church later and didn’t get any.  At this moment I am watching the procession in Muro on Baleares TV.

It is incredible, most people are  in traditional costumes walking with every type of animal you can imagine. Just saw a dog carrying two baskets with a rabbit in each. Flocks of sheep, geese herded by sheep dogs, pony and trap with kids in national costume sat in the trap.


Saint Antoni – The fires

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Jan 172013



Last night we had the fires. The photos here are looking to the Plaza in pto Pollensa. As I am convinced palm trees or electric wires will burn down and today while walking around as always everything is fine.

3 Kings 2013

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Jan 062013

There is always a wonderful atmosphere with this fiesta. For me this is the real Christmas.  Merry Christmas and a Happy 2013 to you all.  xx Lynn






Live Music in Puerto Pollensa

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Jun 052012

Here is a list of live music venues and what’s on this winter 2016,  in Puerto Pollensa.  I will keep updating as and when I can.


  • Carnival  5th Feb
  • Live Music back at Tots this week.
    Guillermo Segui Rotger..Weds..8.00pm
    The Hustlers……………….Friday..9.00pm
  • Mulligans twice a week will check days and update.
Sep 062011

As always this is a great event that lasts for a week, with the grand finally of the battle on the 2nd August. Here are some videos that hopefully give you the feel of the day.

The build up and  start of the Battle.

The end at the football ground.

I am so glad I don’t have to wash all the Christians white clothes afterwards.

2013 A bit of everything to do with  “La Patrona”

A well put together video of all the events building up to the Patrona.