Ultra Mallorca 2013 – 117K

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Apr 202013

You don’t have to be mad to do this but it helps!!!!!

Today is the amazing event of the Ultra Mallorca.  It is a 117 kilometre race over the mountains,  starting in Andraixt at midnight and taking the runners over the mountain trails to Pollença at the other end of the Tramuntana mountains. The time limit to complete the run is 24 hours.  Watching the first runners go past my shop today was quite breathtaking. The first crossing the line in the main square just under 11 hours, we then had a wait of an hour before the second runner arrived. VERY impressive as they look so fresh at the finish and even as I left at 14:30 only a handful of contestants had crossed the line.

There are two other trails that are shorter and less arduous, however just as impressive.

Here is a link to the Ultra Mallorca web site should you be mad enough to want to take part in 2014.


My congratulations to all of you who take part we are all in awe.



Live Music in Puerto Pollensa

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Jun 052012

Here is a list of live music venues and what’s on this winter 2016,  in Puerto Pollensa.  I will keep updating as and when I can.


  • Carnival  5th Feb
  • Live Music back at Tots this week.
    Guillermo Segui Rotger..Weds..8.00pm
    The Hustlers……………….Friday..9.00pm
  • Mulligans twice a week will check days and update.

Camerata concert in Palma

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Oct 312011

On the 4th November we will be performing Requiem by Faure in Palma. Do come along to support us.

Viernes 4 de noviembre – 21 hs
Iglesia de Santa Eulalia (Palma)
Requiem de G. Faure

Camerata Pollencina – Grup Coral 717 – Coral Juvenil Federativa – Agrupació Coral Femenina de Sant Francesc.

Miembros de las corales Orfeó Ramon Llull, Musicantes de Mallorca y otras corales federadas

Soprano solista: Marta Ferrer
Baritono solista: Joan Seguí
Piano: Joan Lainez

Se trata de un concierto benefico organizado por el ayuntamiento de Palma a favor de la Cruz Roja.

Entrada colaboración: 2 euros.

Camerata Choir win !

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Jul 252011

ON Saturday 23rd July the Camerata choir took part in the 3rd,  Association of choirs for the Baleares, coral competition organized by  Llubi town council.  It was a wonderful evening and a pleasure to take part. Made all the more of a pleasure as we won the best choir award.  You can see us all in the picture above singing our hearts out.

Jul 122011

Every summer we are blessed with a series of concerts in July and August, held in the Claustre de Santo Domingo of Pollença.  Here is a link to this years Program of events-


On Saturday I had the pleasure of going to see Jose Mercé a famous Flamenco singer. The guitarist was incredible and the atmosphere built up wonderfully with each song he sang. I know this is an acquired taste in music however it is hard to ignore the mastery of this type of music in the timing and use of both the guitar and the vocal chords of the singer.

Both Jose and his guitarist were completely together on timing a wonderful performance.  At one point Jose walked away from the microphone and sang to the audience from the front of the stage. It was wonderful and a standing ovation was the response.  The applause at the end seemed to go on for an age with everyone on their feet and hoping for more.

Here is a short video I am afraid the sound quality does not do the performance justice but you get the idea.

The official blurb:-

9th July Jose Mercé –  He is an indispensable figure in the summer festivals in Andalucía, as he is the most successful and famous cantaor on the flamenco scene.

Here is a video from Jose himself so you can really hear his heart felt singing and the wonderful guitarist in the quality they deserve.

Harp and Piano concert in Club Pollença

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May 052011

On Sunday 24th April The Club Pollença were given a delight with the performances by two young women one on Piano and Elena Armenteros on the Harp.  To be honest I have never heard a harp other than when it is part of a large orchestra and I thoroughly enjoy the variety of pieces they had chosen.  The two women played together very well, the timing excellent.  Complimenting each other with each piece of music.

An absolute joy and highly recommended if  you hear of another concert by them, they call themselves the “Amara Duo”.

Requiem – Palma Cathedral

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Apr 192011

Oh what a night!

Here is a link to some press photos of the fantastic concert held on Monday 18th April  in Palma Cathedral.

Press Photos

To sing at such an event was a most wonderful experience, with over 2 thousand people  in the congregation.  Standing room only…. it took my breath away.  The cathedral was at its best all fully lit and showing itself in its full glory. After months of rehearsals as individual choirs and then each Saturday at the Basilica in Palma for the last month we finally had a rehearsal in the Cathedral seen below.

The only rehearsal in the Cathedral with no sound system.

When videos come out of the performance I will put them in a new post.

Requiem by Fauré – 18th April – Palma Cathedral

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Apr 042011

Requiem by Fauré, Palma Cathedral

If you are in Mallorca this will be a wonderful concert.  The rehearsals have been going well and everyone loves performing this wonderful music.  There are two chirldrens choirs and two adults choirs, plus an orchestra.