Jun 112017

Well what can I say, the first stage was two year ago and the second supposed to be last year but didn’t happen.  To be fair they then said they would complete the second stage this winter and well they started it in January and it is still going on.  

For some reason they changed all the new light bulbs to a cold light rather than the lovely warm ones we had until now.  What a waste of funding.


They had to chop some trees down to make way for pavements.  Also they were threatening to fall over so sadly they did need to go.  What a fascinating thing to watch.  

We are almost  to the stage of finishing off,  but no sign of tarmac so we have enjoyed the pleasure of a dirt track road with huge pot wholes for all this time.  The residents are fed up of the dust storm effect created every time a car travels down the road.  I gave up washing my windows and have to brush my terrace everyday to get rid of all the dirt.  

This whole thing could have been finished in half the time if they had enough men on the job.  Several times we went weeks with nothing going on in our street as all the labor was moved to another place to work.

It will look fab when it is done and that one thing is all thats stopping us from going crazy I think.  

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