Fiestas and Music in Puerto Pollensa and Alcudia

The north of Mallorca (Majorca)

Summer 2014

Throughout the island of Mallorca (or Majorca which ever way you wish to pronounce it), you will find a host of fiestas.

From the month of June through to September be prepared for a celebration of some kind every weekend. To be honest, be prepared for a possible fiesta any time of year.

By law live music must finish at midnight, inside or out, all over the island.  Please do not give the bar owner grief, the police are really strict on this. Unless of course the music is provided by the local council, in this case the music can play on until 5am or later.  The evenings begin late,which is perfectly understandable for a variety of reasons: It is cooler after 11 pm and most local people work until 8 or 9 pm.  January is a wonderful month for the traditional and historical fiestas. 

Each town and village will have a week highlighting the arts, usually in July or August. A stage will be erected in the main square (often in front of the main church) and entertainment of various kinds will be on going every day. Everything from folk dancing, classical music to rock and roll will be provided free of charge and mostly of excellent quality.  In the month of August Sa Pobla has a Jazz Festival and musicians come from all over the world to perform. 

You can usually find an itinerary in the local banks and government offices.


Pollensa  - La Patrona

On the 2nd August every year, the village of Pollensa remembers how they fought against the Moorish pirates to save the village and the honour of it daughters.  The event starts in July, where a the villagers vote for who will play which part, in the re-enactment of the battle and all the events that build up to it.  It is difficult to watch this without becoming emotional, as you realise that the Pollesines were only humble farmers, fighting with all they had from farming against the experienced well armed pirates.

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Summer Entertainment 2014 in Pollensa ...To be updated...


Jazz Band Soft Jazz & Blues
Rock and Roll - The Hustlers

Date or Days

Every Sunday 3 - 6 pm
Fridays 9 - 12pm

Sundays  9 - 12pm


Rest 'El Ancla' on sea front Pto Pollensa
Mulligan's Bar - town square

Habitat apart hotel Pto Pollensa

The Classical Music Festival - Pollensa (Pollença)
Claustre de San Domingo

This festival is held every year and attracts many well known faces, both performing and in the audience. We have enjoyed wonderful music from performers such as: John Williams, the London Symphony Orchestra,  Opera singers, Pianists,  Barber shop quartets, and so on.  The music is performed in the open air at the cloisters of San Domingo, a more romantic and magical setting for wonderful music, would be hard to find. This is a must if you are in Mallorca at this time.

Official Website

Information, Tickets and Reservations Festival Office

Cloister of Sant Domingo Convent
C/ Guillem Cifre de Colonya
07460 PollenŹa (Mallorca)
Tel. 971 53 40 11

Monday to Friday, from 10am till 1:30pm
The day of the concert, from 8:00pm to half an hour before the concert begins