Bonaire, Es Mal pas and Cocodrillo Marina

in the Victoria Peninsular of Mallorca.

Mal Pas Beach
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Bonaire 'Es Mal Pas' North Mallorca.

This is a special area to the visitor and locals alike.  Not only for the sheer beauty, but also for the history that surrounds it.  See the page on Mallorca for more information on Mallorca's history and culture.   The views are breathtaking and in truth you have no option but to relax, with the natural calming effect the area has. 

Bonaire with the Crocodrilo Marina and the sandy coves in Es Mal Pas,  both lead to the Victoria Peninsular, with it's picnic areas under the shade of the Pine Trees and the Monastery in the mountain side, that is now a restaurant and a hostel.

The Marina is small and friendly, with the Cocodrilo restaurant at the entrance gates to the marina itself.  The new marina wall was re-built and re enforced, after that major storm that devastated Mallorca in 2002 and has undergone more improvements in 2009.  There are several restaurants, a scuba diving centre and a little supermarket.

Bonaire and Es Mal Pas are quiet and select residential areas, where the Mallorquin business families have chosen to have their summer villas, for generations.  Surrounded by protected forests and mountains, this is a lovely area to live, or to spend a quiet holiday.

The beaches at Es Mal Pas are two sandy coves with wonderful snorkeling and clear waters.